Help and Info

Help and Info


Last time I updated the Help page:
October 11, 2018

How can my info be deleted from the list?

How can I have my data updated or changed?

Age of pen pals as of
December 15, 2017
unknown19 0.6%
below 106 0.2%
10 through 19931 27.8%
20 through 291,195 35.7%
30 through 39582 17.4%
40 through 49334 10.0%
50 through 59185 5.5%
60 through 6973 2.2%
70 through 7912 0.4%
80 through 892 0.1%

I can’t find the pen pal page with my ad anymore!
If addresses are older then 5 years and there has not been any request for updating them, they are deleted.
That is also the reason that the tags don’t start with 1.
If you don’t know where your address is, just send an email with your question by clicking on the little envelope on this page.
If you can, let me know your tag. It is always at the top of your ad, in bold letters
It is a code of six or seven digits with a dash, like 0801-04 or 2012-003.

Countries on my site as of July 25, 2018
Algeria Argentina Armenia Australia
Austria Bahamas Bahrain Bangladesh
Belarus Belgium Bermuda Bhutan
Bolivia Brazil Brunei Bulgaria
Cameroon Canada Cayman Islands Chile
People's Republic of China Colombia Costa Rica Croatia
Cuba Czech Republic Denmark Ecuador
Egypt Ethiopia Faroe Islands Finland
France Gambia Germany Ghana
Greece Guinea Guyana Hong Kong
Hungary India Indonesia Ireland
Ireland Israel Italy Jamaica
Japan Jersey Jordan  
Kenya Latvia Liberia  
Lithuania Luxembourg Malawi Malaysia
Malta Mauritius Mexico Morocco
Namibia Nepal The Netherlands New Zealand
Nigeria Norway Pakistan Palestine
Panama Papua New Guinea Peru Philippines
Poland Portugal Republic of the Congo Romania
Russia Saint Lucia Saudi Arabia Seychelles
Sierra Leone Singapore Slovakia Slovenia
South Africa South Korea Spain Sri Lanka
Sudan Sweden Switzerland Taiwan
Tanzania Thailand Togo Trinidad and Tobago
Tunisia Turkey Uganda Ukraine
United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States of America Uruguay
Zambia Zimbabwe    

Many people ask me how to get added to the list.
So, here is how to do it:

Why the country you live?
Because some people want to write with a pen pal from a specific country.
If you add your country, this may help you in finding a good pen pal.
Why male or female?
Because pen pals from other countries, though they may speak your language, often won’t be able to tell from your name what you are.
Why your date of birth?
Well, sooner or later you will tell your pen pals your age anyway, and I guess you will get better responses. Date of birth is better than age, because it never changes.
Why the personal info?
To attract people who share your interests and to prevent lots of letters of people with whom you’ve nothing in common.
What I mean with “pen pal you are looking for”:
Please be clear if you want to write letters or emails; and if you are looking for a real friend or relationship also.

Often it will take some time before you are added.

Because I myself put a lot of work in my ad, Deb (my wife) and I met one another through pen palling.
So this information is important if you’re looking for really good friends.

A final word of advice:
If you have made a pen pal ad which you think is really good, save it! Then, if you want to add yourself to other pen pal sites, you put that in with copy and paste. Saves you a lot of work!

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