id: 1601-072

Madalina Popescu
Str. Lavandei Nr.1
Vila N17C Ap.2
Stefanestii de Jos
Ilfov 077175

I’m a woman and I was born September 12, 1983.
Pen Pals I’m looking for: anybody over the age of 25, with a good sense of humor, willing to write letters instead of short notes.
I’m a vet, a vegetarian and a passionate traveler.
I am happily married and I am not looking for romance/dating/flirting. I will not respond to any such letters.
Languages I can read/write: English, Spanish, and Romanian.

id: 1709-017

Bianca Angheluta
str. 21 Decembrie 1989, nr. 140, bl. X1, sc. 2, ap. 109

e-mail me
I’m a woman and I was born March 11, 1988.
About me: I like to read a lot, to travel, diamond painting, gardening, dogs, and to make new friends.
Kind of pen pal I am looking for: I prefer letters, but emails will be ok also, just looking to make new friends.
Languages I can read: Romanian, English, Spanish, French
Languages I can write: Romanian, English

id: 1509-033

Georgiana Strugariu
Str. Oituz, nr 34, bl H11, ap 12
720199 Suceava

e-mail me
I’m a woman and I was born April 20, 2001.
About me: I like reading, drawing and taking photos. I am a volunteer at a dog shelter and I love animals. I go on hikes with the scouts and I listen to rock, psychedelic and stoner
Kind of pen pal I am looking for: anyone keen on arts or someone that could help me improve my English. also someone that I could send letters to
Languages I can read: English, French, and German.
Languages I’d like to write in: English and French.

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