id: 1602-084

Andy H.
Centrumstraat 1 bus 1
3012 Wilsele

e-mail me
I’m a man and I was born May 27, 1973.
Hello there, my name is Andy and I’m from Belgium.
I’m looking for pen pals, mostly looking for pen pals from Canada, USA, Argentina, Chile, Europe (especially from Iceland, Norway Sweden, Denmark, Finland & Estonia), South Africa, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand and Australia.
I’m very much into pen palling, writing letters, postcards, sending out small presents.
I also like gardening, tennis, watching television, travelling, cooking, cycling, hiking…
I gave up my job a while ago to go back to uni, studying to become a social worker.
Looking for real pen friends who stay around and write regularly. Just write about anything you want to write about.
Please no people who are too much into religion.
Looking for female and male pen pals.
I sometimes wonder though if there are still men around who send out letters
I’m studying French and Swedish at evening class, so if you are a native French speaker or native Swedish speaker, please write to me in your language. Mind you I’m still at a beginner level, especially when it comes down to Swedish.
So, you can write to me in English, Dutch, French & Swedish.
Looking forward to your letters!
Can you please send me a message via email also when you are going to send me a letter, thanks!
Hope to hear from you soon.
Languages I can read/write: Dutch and English.

id: 1909-006

e-mail me
I’m a man and I was born May 26, 1993.
About me: Hello, my name is Yohan. I am looking to make friends from UK, by mail or snail mail. I like animals, video games, music / playing the guitar and computer sciences (especially free software) I look to move in the UK in the future so I want to make friends from there to learn more about the country. If you want to snail mail ask for my address by email.
Have a nice day :)
Kind of pen pal I am looking for: male or female, any gender and age, mostly from England or Scotland, but you’re all welcome :)
Languages I can read/write: French and English.

id: 1908-003

Ann T.
Paolalaan 42
3200 Aarschot

e-mail me
I’m a woman and I was born April 12, 1978.
About me: Life to me seems complicated yet totally fascinating. I am an anthropologist and I have three children. As an introvert, I often find it easier to express myself in writing than face to face, although I also enjoy meeting people. My interests include reading fiction and non-fiction, writing, cinema, meditation, cooking, hiking, nature, people and cultures. I like listening to classical music, jazz, folk, but also Paul Simon, Leonard Cohen, and many more. And I love to laugh... :-D
Kind of pen pal I am looking for: Preferably someone who likes interesting conversations, writes longish letters (although that is not a must), shares a few interests, and apart from that: surprise me!
Languages I can read: English, Dutch, French, German, Romanian, Portuguese
Languages I’d like to write in: English, Dutch, French

id: 1709-049

M. Neirinck
Sint Clarastraat 77
8000 Brugge

e-mail me
I’m a man and I was born April 20, 1961.
About me: man interested in arts film religion and a lot more… swap postcards
Kind of pen pal I am looking for: male female
Languages I can read/write: English and Dutch.

id: 1610-093

Barbara van der Lans
e-mail me
I’m a woman and I was born December 31, 1977.
Dear future pen pal
Great, you´re reading this ad, means I should tell a little about myself right ^^
So I´m Barbara, female, artistic, I play music. I prefer snail mail over fast chat sessions, it allows me to put work into my penmanship and letter-art. I like DIY projects and graphic novels. I’m also a ´shonen´-fan. The type of pen-pal I’m looking for? people from England and Ireland; to upgrade my English and maybe make some overseas friends. Scandinavia and Japan; to learn your language and to get to know you, maybe become friends 2. ´^^´ (hikikomori are ever so welcome to contact me too)
Don’t be afraid to drop me an e-mail, so we can swap addresses : )
Languages I can read/write: English, Dutch.

id: 1605-180

Miriam Miseur
4de Lansierlaan 74/4
3300 Tienen

e-mail me
I’m a woman and I was born August 9, 1973
About me: I have a sweet cat, hobbies: writing watching TV drawing painting
Kind of pen pal I am looking for: pen pal from overseas
Languages I can read/write: Dutch and English

id: 1605-032

Jasper Maesen
Jos De Brue Straat 26a1
1933 Sterrebeek

e-mail me
I’m a man and I was born 7 October, 1995.
About me: I am studying law and living in Belgium, searching for pen pals to have a long standing friendship
Kind of pen pal I am looking for: serious and funny, able to talk about politics and things like that
Languages I can read/write: Dutch, French, and English.

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