id: 1904-037

Dawid S
Kard. St. Wyszyńskiego 4/4
15-888 Bialystok

e-mail me
I’m a man and I was born November 21, 2002.
I am looking for pen pal friend who speaks German (I’ve been learning German for just a few months so I would prefer to correspond with a beginning student).
Languages I can read: English (advanced), German (beginning)
I’d like to write in German.

id: 1802-017

Anna G.
Skrytka 618, Dworcowa 20B
70-952 Szczecin

e-mail me
I’m a woman and I was born February 14, 1988.
About me: I’m a girl and anthropology student from Poland, never married, no kids, a big dog lover, catholic but I respect all religions. I have four dogs. I’m looking for pen pals who want to build lifelong pen friendship per letters with me. Post stamps are expensive and I’m not going to spend money for post stamps for people who stop writing after a few letters, sorry.
I have many hobbies like dogs, travelling, history, animals and nature, paranormal, crafts, sea, movies and TV, learning about various cultures, countries, writing letters, reading books, learning languages, long walks and more.
Kind of pen pal I am looking for: all ages and countries, I will reply everybody but here are two conditions-Only pen pals for long-term pen friendship per letters and no romance. I want to build a lifelong pen friendship per letters so write me only if you are sure that you want to and can build pen friendship per letters for whole life.
Languages I can read: German, English, French, Polish, Russian, Latin, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, basic Mongolian, Ukrainian
Languages I’d like to write in: English, German, French, Polish, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Russian,

id: 1709-025

Alicja Górska
aleja 1 Maja 39/9a
90-739 Lódz

e-mail me
I’m a woman and I was born January 18, 1992.
About me: I am PhD student. I don’t really know what should I write here, so... I like cats. I am writing a lot (books and movies review). I like reading books of every genre.
Kind of pen pal I am looking for: I don’t know. Someone kind.
Languages I can read: English, German, French, Polish
Languages I can write: Polish, English

id: 1701-027

Anna D
e-mail me
I’m a woman and I was born July 1, 1997.
About me: I’m an ordinary girl from Poland who loves science, learning about new things. I like spending my time outside with my friends but also I like reading books, writing and sending letters. If you want to stay in touch with me, I would like to know not only random facts about you but about your culture and traditions too.
Kind of pen pal I am looking for: especially snail mail pen pals, but also email pen pals
Languages I can read: Polish, English, German
Languages I’d like to write in: English, German

id: 1610-054

e-mail me
I’m a man and I was born January 8, 1979.
Interests: I like to read (my favorite writers are: Dostoyevsky, Saviano, Pilch, Mankell, Shakespeare, Christie), learning new languages (I try to learn Ukrainian – maybe you will help me), watching movies, visit new places, I enjoy learning about people. I’m a little bit introvert.
Kind of pen pal I’m looking for: I’m looking for pen pals from Slavonic countries, especially from Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia or Belarus. First of all for email exchange, then we could send letters and maybe someday we can meet each other. I prefer women aged 18-40. I’m interested only in friendship.
Languages I speak: Polish, English.
Languages I can read/ understand: Polish, English, Ukrainian, Russian.

id: 1610-095

Michał Jabłoński
e-mail me
I’m a man and I was born September 20, 1982.
About me: Hello to whole beautiful world, my name is Michał and a man from the middle of nowhere, a little village lost in Polish mountains. For those who don’t know where Poland is it’s a center of Europe, such a wild, unknown country with strange people doing strange things ;-) I would love to meet people from around the world but especially from Brazil which I love so badly since my visit there. I would like to talk about everything, daily life, books, nature, problems, hopes, all that our life consists of. I would also like to meet some snail mail friends as writing and receiving a real paper letters is a great experience :-) I’m jobless now and a bit confused about future so please forgive me if I could sound a bit gloomy. I love nature, hiking in mountains, I love books this is my only addiction :-) This is all about me, I can’t wait for your letter so please don’t be shy and write, I’m sure that we could become a great/ real friends! :-)
Kind of pen pal I am looking for: Everyone that would like to have a decent conversation via e-mail or snail mail with an ordinary Polish guy, maybe become friends.
Languages I can read/write: Polish, English, Russian, and Spanish.

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