Hong Kong

Hong Kong

id: 1610-013

Jasmine Chan
2/F, 21 Shek Kwu Lung Village, DD 193, Lot No 87, Shatin, NT
Hong Kong

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I’m a woman and I was born January 31, 1995.
About me: An engineering student in her final year, learning French on her own at the same time. Very indecisive coming to choice of terms using in self introduction. I try to be honest while I am used to hide myself in nature. Trying to be genuine while easily fall to please people when I get to know them. Having dreams while not as determined as I should. Love writing letters and diaries. Love music and films. Love God and Jesus as they meant the ruler in my life. The problem is that I write quite slow and it takes me an hour to write a postcard.
Kind of pen pal I am looking for: Logical and sensible, prefer subjective descriptions. Doesn’t hesitate in sharing feelings and emotion. Mature. I don’t mind if we have age difference. Know French if possible (xP) Be a friend and would kindly point out unreasonable thoughts of me, be understanding not judgmental. Love expressing through mails and letters =]
Languages I can read: English, French with dictionary, a little Japanese
Languages I’d like to write in: English, French, Chinese

id: 1603-025

Dakota Chu
Flat B, 17/F, Block 3, Castello, 69th Siu Lik Yuen Road, Sha Tin, N.T.
Hong Kong

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I’m a woman and I was born August 27, 2001.
About me: Hey this is Dakota ;) I love ice-skating, hanging out with my friends, swimming, baking desserts, playing the piano, watching movies, especially the horror ones :P and pizzaaaaaaaa!!! I’m obsessed with Taylor Swift, 5SOS and Ariana Grande. Feel free to contact me and let’s be friends!! <3
Languages I can read/write: English and Chinese.

id: 1509-029

Joyce Poon
Flat A, 6/F, Block 6, Willow Mansions, 120 Baker Street, Hunghom
Hong Kong

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I’m a woman and I was born June 7, 1996.
About me: Hi everyone! I’m Joyce from Hong Kong. I am looking for pen friends from different countries, especially English and German-speaking countries because I’m learning German
Hallo! Ich heiße Joyce und ich komme aus Hong Kong. Ich suche Brieffreunde aus verschiedenen Ländern. Im Moment lerne ich Deutsch. Möchte ich daher für deutsche Brieffreunde suchen aber ich bin besser auf Englisch. Du kannst mich in Englisch oder Deutsch schreiben.
Currently I am a full-time university student. Schoolwork is not heavy, therefore I got some time to do other stuff like reading, baking, swimming and playing ukulele. I have a dream of travelling all places in the world. So far, I have been to London, Paris, Milan, Venice and some cities in USA as well. All these places amaze me with their uniqueness. I hope I can get more chances to visit other places like Germany to further explore the world and hopefully improve my German too
In real life, I’m quite shy but once you get to know me, I can be very talkative haha
Kind of pen pal I am looking for: men/women from 15 to 30, English and German speaking people
Languages I can read: English, German and Chinese
Languages I’d like to write in: English and German

id: 1506-031

Irene Wu
25B, Block 2, Nan Fung Plaza, 8 Pui Shing Rd, Hang Hau, Tseung Kwan O
Hong Kong

e-mail me
I’m a woman and I was born November 6, 2001.
About me:
I like reading and listening to music a lot, and I can play lots of instruments... I kinda like writing too
Kind of pen pal I am looking for:
A friend to talk to
Languages I can read/write: English, Chinese.

id: 1408-058

Paris Yu
Flat 16, 6/F, Lok Shue House; Lei Muk Shue Estate; Tsuen Wan
Hong Kong

e-mail me
I’m a woman and I was born August 30, 1995.
About me: Hi there, I’m Paris from Hong Kong. Currently I’m a university student studying BBA, I would like to make some friends to write through snail mail or email so as to widen my communication network. My interests are listening to music, playing music and travelling.
Kind of pen pal I am looking for: Well, any type of people are welcome, I just want some friends to write with and exchange ideas. You can write anything to me and I’ll give you response.
Languages I can read/write: English, Chinese.

id: 1405-018

Misty Cheung
Flat D 32/F Tower3, Rambler Crest, 1 Tsing Yi Road, Tsing Yi NT
Hong Kong

e-mail me
I’m a woman and I was born March 30, 1995.
About me: Hi! I’m Misty from Hong Kong. I would like to know more pen pals from different countries. My hobbies are playing guitar, photography, watching band show, listening to music, reading. You may share everything with me. Hope to hear from you soon.
Kind of pen pal I am looking for: snail mail pen pal, willing to write first
Languages I can read/write: English, Chinese.

id: 1402-015

Phoebe Wai
Flat 1917, Mei Ting House
Mei Tin Estate Shatin, N.T.,
Hong Kong

e-mail me
I’m a woman and I was born April 5, 1990.
About me:
I studied history in the university and I am always eager to know the history of your city/country.
In return I can tell you history of my hometown, Hong Kong, and China, and some Asian countries too. I can also share with you what I learned about your hometown.
I also like learning different languages. So far I have learned Chinese and English. Japanese, Latin and ancient Greek are no problem as my hubby can help read and write in these too.
Kind of pen pal I am looking for:
- Also born in 1990
or From Latin America
or From Africa
or From Central Asia
or from any country! All are welcome :)
Languages I can read:
Chinese (simplified, traditional, ancient)
ancient Greek
Languages I can write: Chinese, English, Japanese, Latin, Greek.

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