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e-mail me
I’m a woman and I was born April 1, 1963.
I’m a teacher, one child, happily married and living in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.
My new pen-friends (only snail mail) should be female (!!) and aged between 50 and 60. I would prefer letters from women living in Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, the UK, South Korea, Japan, Panama, Colombia, Cuba, Canada, Australia or the RSA.
My hobbies are reading, snail mail correspondence (all subjects of every-day life except politics and religion), painting, knitting, crocheting, learning to make jewelry, collecting model cars, going for walks, …
Due to carpal tunnel issues my letters will be typed most of the time. I am not looking for extra-long letters, but prefer writing about news / ideas / aspects of every-day life on a regular basis.
Language I can read / write: English.
Please email me for my postal address.
Have a nice day and write soon.

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