id: 2102-032

e-mail me
I’m a woman and I was born May 23, 1982.
About me:
I am a worker and a traveler, studying beside working and I would love to exchange letters with people who are interested in
* travelling
* meeting one day in person
* aviation
* history
* classical literature/reading
* foreign languages
* geopolitical processes
* a meaningful conversation
* no relationship needed/no marriage wanted
Please let us first exchange emails before changing addresses!
Kind of pen pal I am looking for: men or female between 35-60
Languages I can read: German/English/French
Languages I’d like to write in: studying Greek (bloody beginner)

id: 1705-002

Michaela Graf
Heiligenstädterstraße 7 Top 16
1190 Vienna

e-mail me
I’m a woman and I was born February 13, 1997.
About me:
My name is Michaela, but everyone calls me Ela. I am currently studying in Vienna to become a teacher in the subjects History, German and Biology.
I love writing, reading, playing the guitar, playing online games and knitting.
I am a friendly person and do like to be sarcastic.
There is many more to say about me, but if you are interested in writing with me, well just give it a try and send me an E-Mail.
Kind of pen pal I am looking for:
I am looking for a pen pal around my age (+/- 3 years). I don’t care if you are male or female.
Languages I can read/write: English, German and Norwegian.

id: 1701-048

e-mail me
I’m a woman and I was born April 1, 1969.
About me: I’m an Austrian woman, and I live in Vienna
I’m married
I am looking for someone fun to talk to, exchange ideas with and get to know via the written word. I have no children and would prefer to write with someone who is not filled with parenthood, someone who has nothing else to talk about (not that this is wrong, it is just not for me). I am a proud dog-owner, so animal lovers are very welcome ;-). I enjoy to read (especially sci-fi and everything that is not scary and/or gory), bake (the more elaborate the recipe the better - just nothing too decorated), knit and cross-stitch (the latter I will continue as soon as I get glasses; definitely getting old *sigh*), do puzzles, play computer-games (not( handy games), play board and card games with family and friends and take nice walks with my little doggie. Lately I have started to work out (out of necessity, not fun. I doubt this could ever be fun!) so I would be really interested to hear of people in a similar position and how they stay motivated.
Kind of pen pal I am looking for: Snail mail
Languages I can read/write: English and German.

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