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Last change: August 15, 2008

Who am I?
My name: Maarten. I was born in The Netherlands,
but now I live in the USA, in Wisconsin.
I'm small (about 5'9") and rather slender.

I've a beard and a moustache -- and my eyes are blue behind my glasses.

Though I attended, I never finished high school;
I am not dumb though. The reasons I never finished high school are a
bit too personal to put on my site for all the world to see.

I have many interests; my interest in language started a whole lot of other interests:
It got me to working with the computer, over 10 years ago (all manuals were in English,
in that time and I was able to grasp about half of it).
Later on, it got me to explore as much of the Internet as my boss allowed;
and without a real good knowledge of English Deb and I
(read on) would never even have met!

The reason I started this site? Well, I was looking for pen pals and though I found
several very good sites, I wanted more control over the way my message would
appear on the Web. And so I decided to start a pen pal site and put myself in the
most visible place. After having put quite some effort in it, I was really disappointed
that I hardly got any visitors.
Then all of a sudden it started to grow. I grew much faster than I'd expected
it ever would, and after two months of sleeping about four hours a night I decided
to spend more time in the real world and less in virtuality.

At about the same time I fell in love with her, who I met via letters!
Honestly, this is no advertisement for my site, it is truth.
Because there was over 3,750 miles (6,000 kilometers) between us,
and calling each other by phone was way too expensive, we wrote letters to each other
until our fingers began to hurt, or we exhausted our paper supply.
But the joy when receiving each other's letters more than compensated for our weary fingers.
By now you'll probably understand why I had to slow down the adding of pen pals;
I need that time for my wife; of course I realize that all of you who wrote or e-mailed
me are very real people, but she is the one.
September 22, 1998, we married!
October 6, 1999, I got my immigrant visa and I moved to Wisconsin January 7, 2000.

Now we have a connection at home.
So -- send in your e-mails to get added!

You would greatly enhance your chances, though,
if you have a good and honest ad
that really tells something about yourself.

So the the info about your interests etc. should be at least 10 lines long
or I won't add you. Sometimes I am very busy,
then it may take some time before I can place your ad.
If you wish, email me a picture and I will place that with your info.

Please e-mail me and the things I think are relevant I'll put on this page;
questions too personal will not be answered on this page.
Just click on the little envelope (very original, isn't it?) to e-mail me!

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