You're love itself...

Clang clang clang went the trolley
Ding ding ding went the bell
Zing zing zing went my heart strings
From the moment I met my pen pal


Last change: March 22, 2001

The perfect one -- a dream come true

The date we first met was February 25, 1998 -- in the sense that it is the date I received her first letter.
A date I won't never ever forget. We later discovered that the date she sent that letter was
the same date I first uploaded my website.

From the way she wrote it was clear she had an unusual trust in me,
someone she had never even seen...
Because I really liked her letter I replied almost immediately with a very long letter also; and before she could
even answer, I felt bad and I turned to her, this woman I had never seen but felt I could trust
completely, for advice. (I had fallen in love with a girl I had never
seen, who I probably never would see either; it was an e-mail heartbreak.)

"Isn't this a dull affair...
enough to make me lose my hair...
tax returns and future earnings..."
I thought to myself
"still the Gods haven't lost their flair...
at least they put me and her together..."
and just as I was about to tell her,
she said to me...

"Take me up to heaven... up into the sky
our love is strong enough to fly..."

There I sat with the paper in my lap
reading facts about terrible acts
"Kids With Guns Kill For Fun",
so I started to preach...
"that's the trouble with society", I said,
"no respect for humanity"
and just as I was building up steam
she said to me...

"Lay your dreams beneath my head
up there on heaven's bed
let your eyes be the stars in the night
up there on heaven's bed..."

"You need to leave your mind alone,"
she said to me.

(lyrics by Adrian Belew)

Her reply was so nice that I sent her an even longer answer; and when I realized she needed
someone, I became aware that I did, too. Because we shared so many interests and yet were quite
different, I thought something really good might come out of it.

As there were over 3,750 miles (6,000 kilometers) between us,
and calling one another each day was way too expensive, we wrote letters
until our fingers hurt, or we ran out of either paper or printer ribbon.

The joy when receiving each other's letters more than compensated for our weary fingers.
Well, after reading this, you'll probably understand why I had to slow down adding pen pals.

It was only after a few more letters (we wrote at least ten pages a week to each other)
that she invited me to visit her. And now? We have actually met...
all the kisses and caresses and love have been realized...
September 22, 1998, we married!
October 6, 1999, I got my visa, and now we live together in the States!!!
January 7, 2000, I moved to Wisconsin.
Of course I realize that all of you who wrote or e-mailed
me are very real people, but she is the true and only one.

And maybe something like this could happen to you also!
I know of more people to which something similar happened.
But you would greatly enhance the chances of such a thing happening
if you have a good and honest ad, that really tells something about yourself.

I will add new pen pals again now that I'm connected here in Wisconsin.
But please add some info about your interests etc. 7 to 10 lines long
(of course you can tell more!!) to get better replies.
You can also e-mail me a photo, I'll place that with your info.

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