id: 1410-080

e-mail me
I’m a woman and I was born February 7, 1997.
About me: Hi there, the name is Carly. and I’m a junior in high school. I love reading, writing, acting, singing, watching YouTube videos, and playing video games. I listen to just about any type of music except rap. My music taste literally ranges from classical music to punk rock and so on. As I stated above, I enjoy reading, but mostly Shakespearean plays and novels. I am quite involved in Theatre, hence the interest in acting. I usually do my school’s fall musical and at least try to do Shorts and the spring play. Because of an incident that just happened I am only looking for someone to email, but keep in mind that because of my schedule with Theatre and tutoring on Tuesdays and Saturdays I may not respond immediately. Anyway, I’m also a fan of Dr. Who, or a Whovian if you will, but I also enjoy BBC’s Sherlock and Star Trek: The Original Series. I have never been in trouble with the law or at school, I’m not that stupid. I’m relatively quiet when you first talk to me, but then I get weird, so if that freaks you out don’t contact me. I am a huge supporter of the LGBT community, so if you’re homophobic, don’t talk to me. I’m also a firm believer in the paranormal and have had a paranormal experience. I’ll talk to anyone in any country, it does not bother me. I do have Skype and Facebook, but until I get to know someone better and know they’re who they say they are I will not give those things out. Though I like all animals (except spiders, those things are eight-legged demons,) I prefer dogs and wolves over most animals
Kind of pen pal I am looking for: I want someone who is trustworthy and not homophobic. I want to speak someone who has at least some of the same interests as me. I want friends, and friends only. I am completely against online dating of any sort. I also would appreciate it if you also believed in the paranormal so I can talk about that with you.
Languages I can read/write: English.

id: 1410-039

William Sollenberger
PO Box 78
Lockwood, MO 65682

e-mail me
I’m a man and I was born June 25, 1968.
About me:
Enjoys music reading books magazines politics libertarian
Kind of pen pal I am looking for:
Nice women
Languages I can read/write: English.

id: 1406-042

Randy Abeyta
3114 E 8th St
Joplin, MO 64801

e-mail me
I’m a man and I was born March 15, 1959.
About me: I’m Italian. I lived in California for 35 years and then moved to Joplin Missouri where I live now. I was raised up poor and brought up strict. I’ve made movies in Hollywood California.
Kind of pen pal I am looking for: someone who understands English maybe Italian French or Danish people
Languages I can read/write: English.

id: 1406-015

April McCullough - Abeyta
3114 E 8th
Joplin, MO 64801

e-mail me
I’m a woman and I was born April 3, 1982.
About me: I am married. Was raised up on a dairy farm. I miss the farm life. I the middle one of seven
Kind of pen pal I am looking for: someone to be able to talk to. Someone to tell me how it is like where they live
Languages I can read/write: English.

id: 1405-015

Amy Jo Lowery
360 E Court St
Kahoka, MO 63445

e-mail me
I’m a woman and I was born August 18, 1977.
About me: Single mom looking for new friends
Kind of pen pal I am looking for: anyone
Languages I can read/write: English.

id: 1403-069

Renee Messina
111 S. Myrtle St.
Conway, MO 65632

e-mail me
I’m a woman and I was born July 14, 1964.
About me: I am getting back into pen palling again and I would like gals in the US only. I am very outgoing open and honest, I am a mother and grandmother. I have many hobbies.
Some of them are spending time with friends and family, poetry, writing letters, baking and scrapbooking and more.
Kind of pen pal I am looking for: Snail mail.
Languages I can read/write: English.

id: 1211-09

Linsey A. Daman

Linsey Anne Daman
P.O. Box 695
Eureka, MO 63025

e-mail me
I’m a woman and I was born December 29, 1987.
I’m a single woman who is self-employed in St. Louis, Missouri. I’m seeking new postal correspondents from around the world. I also speak French and some Italian so feel free to write me in either language. I love collecting vintage, rare and hard-to-find postage stamps. Please no prison mail or letters from correctional facilities.
Languages I can read/write: English, French, Italian.

id: 1312-26

Brendan O’Rourke
13455 Klondike Rd
DeSoto, MO 63020

e-mail me
I’m a man and I was born June 22, 1991.
About me: I have many interests and hobbies, chief among which are steam locomotives, and I am a Gauge-One live steam model railway builder and operator, although I am also interested in many other forms of vintage transport, from ocean liners and sailing boats to antique cars and airplanes, if it’s mechanical and it moves, I am interested in it, although steam powered machines are my favorites. I also fancy reading, painting, going fishing, horses and mules, history and antique technology, vintage and folk music, traveling, amateur radio/telegraphy, and many more things besides
I currently run a business making wood-burned and hand-painted signs and art for private customers while I’m working my way through higher education, and although I will do any subject, my real favorite thing to make are replicas of antique travel posters, trains and ships, and scenes of rural/folk life. I am also a small-time farmer, and I am very proud of my vintage Allis Chalmers tractors and other antique farm machinery, all of which is maintained in working order and still in everyday use.
Kind of pen pal I’m looking for: I’m not particularly choosy when it comes to who writes to me. So long are you aren’t in prison or engaged in anything illegal, you’re welcome to write to me and I’ll do my level best to answer each and every letter that comes my way. I’d prefer snail mail over e-mail, for I find it much more fun to receive a letter or a postcard than to click “Inbox”, and I guess I’m old fashioned that way.
However, emails are fine too if you’d prefer.
Languages I can read/write: English.

id: 1311-27

1246 North Grand Blvd.
St Louis, MO 63103

e-mail me
I’m a man and I was born October 17, 2000.
About me: I am a fun boy I am bisexual
Kind of pen pal I am looking for: I want boys 12 to 16 to chat with and exchange photos.
Languages I can read/write: English.

id: 1307-35

Kaitlyn Biondolino
3807 Tesson Ct
St. Louis, MO 63123

e-mail me
I’m a woman and I was born April 17, 2001.
About Me: love music vb and my puppy 12 y/o
I want a girl pen pal 12-14 y/o. Doesn’t live in USA
Languages I can read/write: English.

id: 1303-25

Robert Jeffords
605 Newberry St Apt 6
Fredericktown, MO 63645
United States of America

e-mail me
I’m a man and I was born August 3, 1985.
About me: I like learning about other cultures and languages and beliefs. I like making new friends. I like the outdoors and listening to music.
Kind of pen pal I am looking for:
Someone who wants to learn English and wants a friendship.
Languages I can read/write: English.

id: 1109-34

345 Sycamore
Fulton, MO 65251

e-mail me
I’m a woman and I was born September 28, 1981.
About me: I am happily married to my best friend. I am a self-employed photographer and also a pet stylist. I love to write letters and exchange small gifts. I love to do anything crafty. I enjoy reading and music. I like to have fun and spend time with my friends and family. I have no human children only my fur kids. I love life.
Kind of pen pal I am looking for: Females only. Anyone looking for a lifelong friend and who will keep writing. =D
Languages I can read/write: English.

id: 1203-10

12 SE 135 Rd
Warrensburg, MO 64093
United States

e-mail me
I’m a woman and I was born February 11, 1998.
About me: I am a really energetic person and I love to talk! I am really caring! And really good at keeping secrets! I really like to meet new people! I am a very good student! I have never gotten in trouble with legal authorities! My parents are divorced and have been since I was five!
Kind of pen pal I am looking for: A person just like me.
Languages I can read/write: English.

id: 1108-05

Justin Kavanagh
PO Box 21833
Saint Louis, MO 63139
United States of America

I’m a man and I was born October 22, 1987.
About Me:
I enjoy learning about political situations in other countries. The United States has an interesting political system, and I can answer your questions about how things are done in this country if you talk to me about yours. I enjoy sports, especially hockey, baseball and football (soccer). My favorite sport to watch is hockey, and my favorite sport to play is volleyball. My avocation is writing, and my dream is to one day publish a book. I love to read mysteries and historical fiction. Listening to ethno- and folk songs from other countries is also something I enjoy.
Kind of Pen Pal I am Looking For:
I am looking for one or more pen pals, at least my age or older, who are as interested in getting to know about me, my life and my piece of the world, as I am about them and theirs. I would especially welcome letters from men or women living in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, any European country, Argentina, Chile or Uruguay. Of course, this list isn’t exclusive, so if you’d like to write to me, go ahead!
While I’d be happy to write to you about most any topic, I won’t respond to letters asking for help with immigration or establishing residency in the United States. I also cannot send you money or have a romantic relationship with you. Sorry, I’m happily partnered and looking for friends only.
Languages I can read/write: English, Esperanto, Serbian, Croatian.

id: 1109-12

e-mail me
Country: United States
State: Missouri
I’m a woman and I was born October 31, 1980.
About me: Hello everyone! I have been writing to pen pals for a while now and I’m looking for a few new ones to make friends with.
Here is a bit of information about myself!
I love all animals, and I have two cats. I do not have any children yet, and I am unsure about that subject. I enjoy photography and taking pictures of nature and animals, various kinds of music (except for most rap and country), art, reading, and funny/romantic/drama/indie/musical movies. I’m the kind of person who loves being by myself at home, taking enjoyment in the simple things in life, such as writing long letters, curling up on the couch, sitting outside, watching people go about their daily duties, thinking ahead in to the future or about whatever else pops into my mind... I’m a very curious person and I ask loads of questions, but I don’t dig too deep to where I invade the personal space of others. As much as I enjoy being a hermit, I still love to go out with a friend or two and laugh until I nearly pass out! I love rainy days and cooler weather. Autumn is my favorite time of the year, yet I do enjoy a good snowstorm! I like to recycle and do other random acts to help the environment. I’m not one to ride on roller-coasters, I’m not into sports, and politics confuse me! However, I am all about human rights and marriage equality. Love is love is love. I’ve been a vegetarian for a little while now, and I’m trying to become a vegan but it’s extremely difficult being a picky eater! If you enjoy any of these things then we just might get along.
Kind of pen pal I am looking for: Race, sexuality, handicap, and religion do not matter to me, as long as that does not matter to you. I will write to male or female, preferably someone near my age or older. I am not seeking a relationship... I just want to have a life-long friend who enjoys writing letters passionately and loves to share dreams, questions and answers, problems, happy occasions, and of course postcards and stickers if that is what you like! Exchanging photos of ourselves and where we live or where we visit on vacation is wonderful too, but we do not have to exchange photos of ourselves, especially not right away. I like to imagine what a person looks and sounds like from their words, and I think that we shouldn’t judge who we want to be friends with by the appearance of others. Looks are unimportant.
People from overseas are welcome to write, along with people in or around the United States! I understand if you are a little bad at spelling and punctuation (because sometimes I am too), but I would rather not write to someone who uses a lot of slang, or writes like they are in a chat room, using LOL and other computer words frequently, and replacing the words “you” and “to” with “U” and “2”, for example. I don’t mind letters that are typed up and printed out from a computer, but I will handwrite most of mine.
Feel free to send me an email, and then we will talk about exchanging addresses!
Languages I can read/write: English.

id: 1103-23

Amy Schwartze
13318 Rt. C
Russellville, MO 65074-1221
United States

e-mail me
I’m a woman and I was born March 6, 1972.
About me: I am a happily married Mum of four. Two boys and two girls. I love to spend time outside. Reading books. Playing cards. Spending time with family and friends. I love John Deere tractors, my Kansas Jayhawks. I love old movies as well.
Kind of pen pal I am looking for: Looking for friends in other countries. Learn new things about other cultures first hand.
Languages I can read/write: English.

id: 1002-19

Laura Martin
307 Myrtle Avenue
Kansas City, MO 64124
United States

e-mail me
State: Missouri
I’m a woman and I was born October 31, 1993.
About me: I have a split personality; not really, but yeah. I’m kinda crazy, prove: I have long conversations with myself. I am super hyper, and have the loudest laugh out of all my family and friends. I have a guinea pig, two dogs, and two sisters. (Notice how they are in the animal list; that wasn’t a typo. I am witty and outspoken...
Kind of pen pal I am looking for: honest, happy, bouncy, lovable.
Languages I can read/write: English, Spanish.

id: 1001-15

Vicki Gosney
602 N East St
Edina, MO 63537
United States

e-mail me
State: Missouri
I’m a woman and I was born October 12, 1974.
About me: I like reading, watching TV , board games, doing all sorts of crafts, and making new friends.
Kind of pen pal I am looking for: male or female.
Languages I can read/write: English.

id: 1001-01

Wes Stone

Wes Stone
223 West First
Webb City, MO 64870
United States

I love the outdoors music and spending time with friends.
I am only interested in snail mail pen pals no email.

id: 0817-10


e-mail me
(please email for snail address)
Hello! I am on the search for a few good friends with whom I may swap letters, postcards, photographs, and all sorts of other fun things. I consider myself an extremely open-minded and considerate person, a bit shy when first interacting with someone, and definitely a person you’d like to have in your corner.
I work in the medical field, and spend a good majority of my time working, reading, working on drawings or paintings, DJ-ing at the local club, or hanging out with my beloved boyfriend. I do enjoy medieval history and literature, Edward Gorey, Tim Burton movies, the darker side of life, the erotic and beautiful, cute things, Pac-Man (I looove to play Pac-Man), dogs, languages, different religions, and especially art — anything, everything involving visual art.
I would love to have friends from all over the world, preferably female. I speak and write workable Spanish and Russian, but would love to learn more (as well as other languages). I am seeking friends from Russia, the Ukraine, the UK and Ireland, Canada, and other locales in the US. Hope to hear from you soon!
Please, no unwanted solicitations via email! (i.e. no requests for money, marriage, my bank info, or otherwise! You will be reported!)

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